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Sorbonne University; 1930’s
Where it all started...
A Turkish genleman (Mehmet Muhtar) and an English lady (Joanie) meets during their studies.
They both settle a life in Adana/Turkey, home town of the gentleman, Mehmet Muhtar.
Family is in agriculture business, producing cotton.
In years to come region is introduced to citrus, and Joanie starts first citrus orchards in 1950’s.
Since then family lives on citrus production and introduces new varieties from around the world.
Besides citrus, innovation is not forgotten.
Due to strong global ties, the kids of Joanie search for new options and new trends in late 1980’s.
They decide to try Avocados, import them from California, plant the first orchard in Turkey.
The roots of avocado in Turkey today is the avocados we have planted.
6-10 years of trial and trees were moved to Antalya where the winter is hotter.
Then kiwi started being popular. Imported kiwis, planted, harvested and sold to horeca market. Hotels, restaurants and cafe’s.
After searching for better production possibilities, kiwi vines were sent to Blacksea Region.
Turkish kiwi depository is now the Blacksea region, originates from our roots.
What the family tried and made a success is called the niche market nowadays.
joanieandme is concentrated on niche market.
Growing feijos, finger limes, guavas and cherry guavas and many to come.
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